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E-Commerce Guide of the FNEM

FNEM launches its e-commerce Guide. A Practical Guide, demonstration and information

The National Federation of the Moroccan Digital Economy (FNEM) is pleased to announce the launch of its e-commerce Guide, a practical publication that aims to help as many e-merchants than any promoter from an online store (sell a product or service via the Internet), with the aim to increase their visibility and profitability on the net.

Graciously offered online at first on the link below “” The Guide, produced by the FNEM, will be available to all industry stakeholders, members of the FNEM students of Colleges of commerce and computer engineering, through incubators.

A first draught is scheduled 10,000 copies within two months in order to meet the growing demand of companies, merchants and individuals who are interested in online selling. A second printing of 20,000 copies will follow. The Guide will be priced at 25 dirhams.

Practical, educational and informative, the Guide, designed in French, thus addresses a large target. “In the final phase, a simplified Arabic version will be available in three months. That’s not all, several other guides will follow, with a focus on logistics and electronic payment, ‘said Amine El Serhani, President FNEM.

Traditional trade, faced with socio-economic changes and technological changes, has easier access to e-commerce. The digitalisation rate is disparate FNEM wanted, through this Guide, offer, to those who have not yet made their entry into this new era, an opportunity in terms of notoriety and increased commercial activity.

The world economy has changed the face as trade globalisation gained momentum thanks to the rapid progress of ICT (Information Technology and Communication). A mutation of the purchase and payment methods on the web has taken place since. Therefore, users significantly alter their behaviour, turning more towards how to buy on the Internet allows them to make money (cash back systems) and to save (group purchasing, market place…).

This guide aims to provide companies referred useful information on setting up an online business, start it in its development.

Step by step, the information is comprehensive. Tracking is respected and the streamlined procedure. There are some specific rules for electronic commerce that dealers who start such activity must know. The purpose of this guide is to inform the SOHO/SME, artisans, small traders and professionals, who wish to develop on the Internet, both on how to access it on the uses associated with it.

The e-commerce designation refers to trade on the Internet in all its forms: e-commerce (e-commerce) m-commerce (mobile commerce); and f-commerce (Facebook commerce).

Without great effort and without assistance, e-commerce Guide allows any-one-each drill with confidence the world of e-commerce and to understand that to develop its e-commerce site is a real simplicity.

Having been possible without the involvement, directly or indirectly, of all institutional stakeholders, economic and associative but also advertisers and partners FNEM, e-commerce guide also includes advice common sense, good addresses and a proven by leading market players. An invitation to a new world.

“Many small e-tailers have their place on the web. You may be doing part but you do not know it yet, “says El Amine Serhani.


View the e-commerce guide on the link below: