A team at the Digital Economy service

To meet its objectives, the organization of FNEM relies on structures whose roles are complementary, involving many collaborators between volunteers and staff.

Members of the Executive Bureau:

The following list of officers, their function and their parent company.
Mr. El Amine SERHANI: President, Coop Made in Morocco.


Other officers:

  1. Mr. Abdellatif EZZATARI: Morocco Auction
  2. Mr. Youssef Tazi: ComPress
  3. Mr. Youssef MOUHCINE : BABYLONE Group
  4. Ms. Btissam OMARI Seven Media Group
  5. Mr Hajar KABBACH Coop Made in Morocco
  6. Mr. Ilhame BOUADS Coop Made in Morocco
  7. Ms. Iman BOUROUMIA Coop Moroccan Beauty Secrets


The Permanent Team:

  1. Mr. Najib IRAQUI : Managing Director
  2. Mr. Youssef ELOFIRI: Project Manager
  3. Miss Saida HAMRI : Officer Assignments