Member Privileges

Join FNEM also entitles you to privileges:

Be represented:
FNEM is constantly active in defence of the public interest and to promote the sector, while respecting ethical values ​​held by all its members. As a trade association, it is the voice of the players in the industry it represents with different organisations: professional organisations, consultative bodies and representatives of public authorities, nationally and internationally.

Be informed:
Members have access to all information published by the FNEM in the legal field, marketing, economic… They can access data from such indices and studies by FNEM and its partners.
The members also receive a subscription service to periodicals:
E-Commerce News, Panorama Press.
FNEM will have during the year 2019 a documentation service open to members.

Winning consumer confidence:
In return for their commitment to respect the codes and charters FNEM, members may include the official logo of the FNEM on their sites and business documents. The logo of the FNEM is recognised by consumers and users as a sign of confidence. (3 of 4 buyers are reassured by the presence of a label, a seal or a trusted brand. Source: DirectPanel)

Develop your professional network:
FNEM provides throughout the year of opportunities for contact and exchange between professionals of e-commerce and distance selling, economic actors, independent experts, associations and institutional representatives.
Adherents are referenced in the website FNEM. They have permanent access to the directory of members and a personalized access to the restricted part of the site.
Members can participate fully in workshops, conferences and seminars organised by the FNEM.

Get personalized advice:
FNEM tries to advise and guide the best members on issues (Legal, economic, marketing…) put to him.

Communicating with a qualified target:
FNEM opens its adherents columns of e-commerce News newspaper, broadcast twice a month to 10 thousand copies, with professionals, policy makers, journalists, representatives of public authorities. The News section on our website and on social networks is a simple way to communicate with this target.

Save your marketing and advertising expenses:
You get discounted rates we negotiate especially for advertisements in the press, web marketing or other media.
Benefit from a 70% reduction on tariffs stands in the e-commerce salon.
Members benefit invitations and preferential access to numerous events: exhibitions, events and seminars sponsored by the FNEM.
You benefit from the advertising and promotional potential of the Official Directory of e-commerce in Morocco.