The FNEM’s Relays

The National FNEM Relay

The vision of the FNEM and its action plan 2019–2021 highlighted several trends. The first important is attributed to regional proximity proceeding including the opening of regional offices charged with boosting the ecosystem of the digital economy.

The stated objective is to reinforce the days geographic coverage of the territory of the kingdom to match the digital economy development issues in Morocco, issues related to the national strategy Digital Morocco 2020 and to the specificities of the local economy.

This proximity policy fits perfectly in the regionalisation process instiled by the highest authority of the Kingdom. By having a clear idea about the specific needs of the digital economy sector, regional relay FNEM will develop adequate support, training and partnership with local stakeholders to meet current and future needs of the sector.


The FNEM International Relay

International Relays’ mission will be to make the sector watch for the benefit of the permanent structure of the FNEM by collecting local information and regional data and to set up a network of stakeholders and local partners in order to awareness of ICT issues in the Moroccan economy, while acquiring new members. They will represent the Federation also to investors and professional associations in charge of the sector the digital economy and e-commerce. Also, they will strengthen the influence of FNEM through participation in the organisation of roundtable sessions in collaboration with the permanent team of FNEM (defining topics of interest to members…) and to benefit members service FNEM. All necessary resources are available to them (including promotional materials of the Federation, logistics revitalisation, administrative logistics…) to carry out their mission.