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ECOM-JOB: A Recruitment Platform Dedicated to Ecommerce

The 1st recruitment platform dedicated to e-commerce in Morocco is the result of continuous efforts on the part of experienced specialists. Consultants, developers, moderators, marketers and relations officers are present at the back of the Internet platform, successfully the challenge of making the reflex of No. 1 in search of commerce jobs in Morocco is a new platform of job listings exclusively dedicated to e-commerce sector.

Internship in partnership with Morocco, the National Federation of the Moroccan Digital Economy (FNEM) launched the platform “” The FNEM, and his partner “Morocco Stage” just created specifically for the Moroccan market, a platform recruiting dedicated to commerce in Morocco. ECOM-JOB is a new recruitment platform dedicated exclusively to e-commerce sector. This provides candidates targeted open jobs and classified by profession and a space where recruiters place ads and track candidates. The platform also provides advice to candidates to prepare their talks and work their cyberreputation on social networks. It is, of course, open to recruiters can post jobs via a dedicated space, and also receive counselling to develop their employer brand.

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