Practical Sheets


You will find here a range of factsheets on e-commerce and distance selling: the mandatory information, the tax aspects, prices and promotions, the digital economy, the environment, guarantees, etc.


Should I pay extra taxes when buying on Moroccan sites?

You are a Moroccan special and you want to purchase goods (CDs, books, etc.) or services (travel, etc.) through Moroccan online commerce sites. Want to know if such purchases will be subject to additional taxation when received. Aside from potential shipping and the added tax (VAT) at the current rate, integrated generally in the sale price under the name tax (all taxes included), you will pay you any fees or additional rights in case of purchases made on the Internet.

Should I pay extra taxes when buying on foreign websites?

You are a Moroccan special and you want to purchase goods (CDs, books, etc.) or services (travel, etc.) through online trading sites outside of Morocco. Want to know if such purchases will be subject to additional taxation when received. You will, in most cases you pay customs duties that vary depending on purchased products. These rights apply on the aggregate price paid particular including shipping or insurance. Payment will be, in general, with the transport company for goods or postal services. These services have, in fact, an obligation to present to Customs all goods they carry so that customs can realise control and tax products. By exception, some goods will not be subject to such taxation. They benefit from a duty-free custom. In all cases, you must pay VAT to the Moroccan rate is calculated on the total price paid by the buyer (price plus shipping, insurance and customs duties).

What can I buy on the Internet?

Buy a computer, book their plane tickets or theatre tickets, find a gift for the little one, the Internet puts all this at your fingertips. However, some purchases are not allowed when it comes to products whose sale is prohibited in Morocco such as human organs, stolen, protected animals, counterfeit branded products, software or albums. In addition, foreign vendors may offer products banned in Morocco or whose importation is regulated. Such is the case of weapons, ammunition, certain plants, medicines, perfumes, items under the control of the bookstore operated by the Interior Ministry. For this, it is often necessary to obtain prior authorisation. The website of Customs contains a more exhaustive list of authorities empowered to issue such permits. Caution: some products subject to the conditions of sale require a licence, authorisation, approval. Please check that your dealer has completed the necessary formalities. In case of breach of these rules, the seller and the buyer are likely to be exposed to criminal penalties and/or financial.

What information should I check the e-store’s site?

During a first purchase on an unknown website, it is best to check essential information to better understand the professional. The information to verify the e-store site several information can guide you in choosing an online merchant:

  •  The identity of the seller: name and surname or business name must be indicated;
  •  The means implemented by the e-store to make contact with him. This can indeed be very useful in case of problems. The e-store is obliged to mention on its website its postal and electronic contact and an actual phone number;
  • Contractual conditions must be easily accessible in a format for printing;
  • It is also important to ensure that the location of the installation of the company. This is it installed in Morocco or abroad? It should verify this information even if the site is written in French. The place of establishment has consequences on key elements such as the location of the customer service, the application of Moroccan law and jurisdiction in case of dispute. Before making the purchase online, other information is important to check:
  • The freshness of the information on the e-store’s site;
  • Membership site professional federation: guarantee of reliability, membership in a professional association such as FNEM ensures adherence to quality commitments by the professional. It can also be useful to rely on a body of evidence relating to the reputation and financial condition Site:
  • Certain sites are sometimes the object of assessments and comments (litigation, satisfaction…) by Internet. It may be interesting to take note of this information via the comparators prices or search engines. Assessments are provided by the Internet, they may reflect a distorted view of reality. More opinions are many and argued comments, plus they can be considered reliable.
  • The e-store can be in liquidation. In Morocco, the information can be found on the net, thanks to sites like “” from the name of the trader or his CR number. Where to find the legal information on the e-store? The practices by online retailers are varied. Legal information on the e-store can appear in different parts of the website: the company’s presentation page (under “About us?”) In the “Legal” page or “Legal” in the page “Contact” or in the “contractual Terms” or “Terms”.
What specific information do I check if I buy on a foreign website?

Buying on sites outside of Morocco grows. It requires taking extra precautions. It can sometimes be interesting to make purchases abroad, for financial reasons or product availability. According to FNEM a buyer bought a property abroad in the last twelve months. It should be vigilant when buying from Morocco, because the disputes are more likely and difficult to resolve. Please check that the product is not forbidden in Morocco or subject to specific marketing conditions. For example, the distance selling of drugs is subject to a specific authorisation system. DVDs can be read only in certain geographic areas, etc. It should also ensure that the product you want to buy will work in Morocco (electric outlet, video standards, cable…) and you may be able to replace easily and at a reasonable cost elements component (consumables…). Another important point to check: the product you want to buy he has a warranty? If so, and provided that the warranty applies to Morocco, it should be to learn about the conditions of exercise of this guarantee (the item must be returned abroad or can it be repaired in Morocco?).

As for prices, those shown on sites outside in Morocco may exclude a number of additional costs that will be added to the original price: taxes, customs duties, transportation costs… Another reflex to have when buying abroad outside the euro zone is to be aware of the exchange rate.

Please note, consumers do not always enjoy the same rights depending on where the merchant is located. When the site is not in French or in Arabic, it is difficult to appeal to Morocco in case of dispute. Moreover, the language used will affect the applicable law. Finally, if there is no French version of the site, make sure that you understand the terms of the contract (time commitment…).

Within the EU, online retailers have the obligation to indicate the details enabling him to quickly and directly in contact with it. Make sure you have means of communication with the e-store and its mailing address is on the site. At that time, check if the company is located in the European Union (EU) or not: minimum protective provisions are provided within the EU and judicial co-operation is strengthened. Finally, do not hesitate to use Web 2.0 technologies to peruse the foreign site’s reputation on which you want to order.