Action Plan

Think global, act local

Ambitious, the new action plan is realistic and achievable. Just to reinforce the gains in digital trust and respect of the law in all regions of the Kingdom to raise the level and set the bar high requirements in terms of quality and consumer protection.

This internal strength will allow us to deal with all boldness to the international market, Continental first to create the platform Made in Africa, while strengthening and expanding our partnerships with operators and foreign institutions. All this in full transparency by strengthening our communication activities.

A point to note: this action plan will be implemented by each of the commissions FNEM whose skills and expertise of its members are well established.

Thus, the e-merchants commission will strive among others to set up a code of ethics for members of the FNEM accordance with 31/08 and 09/08 laws and develop e-trusted labels for Moroccan e-shops, tailors and mobilise for participation at the show e-commerce.

The Commission digital trust, she will aim to further strengthen the achievements in the protection of e-consumers through the organisation of the national day of e-consumers and updating and improving the portal information and the platform of e-dispute mediation. For its part, the Regional Commission dynamics main task will be to create regional offices FNEM to upgrade its members in different parts of the kingdom.

Participate in the success of VMP program action plan digitising products to members of the FNEM and developing the megastore Made in Morocco on eBay for e to benefit members and published in three languages ​​the internationalisation Guide and e-commerce engineering guide its many objectives of the Commission export line “Cross border”.

The Commission Made in Morocco will develop a new business model and the platform development plan as well on the national market in eight targeted international markets, and the organisation of the OIF Caravan in partnership with ITC and other campers in partnership with African countries. And following the royal guidelines, the Commission southeast South Africa will undertake the creation of the African Confederation of E-commerce (EAC) and its various commissions by setting him a 2019/2021 calendar. In the same vein, the Commission made in Africa to create the cooperative and deploy the MarketPlace Made in Africa following a development plan at continental level and in each market.

The International Commission will ensure his side to enhance the image of the FNEM internationally, positioning itself with the GEA and e-commerce Foundation has a seat in their respective executive offices, with a view to improve our relations with our international partners. All these actions will impact especially if they communicated with the press and through the newspaper “Ecom news”. And it is the role of the Commission Communication.

This mission will be reinforced by that of the Institutional Committee, which will ensure building a lobbying network with political parties, public and private partners and opinion leaders and build partnerships with NGOs, public offices, associations…