It all started on a Wednesday. It was October 19, 2011. I was invited in my capacity as President of the FNEM theme on the radio emission of the ” e-Commerce and e-trust, do they mix? ”. I met in the same round table with other guests: Wadii madih, President of the Consumer Protection Association, Yassir NEJJAR, DG Ismail Khachani, CEO of E-Commerce Council and PayPal Partner, Samira GOURROUM, development Manager Morocco Telecommerce and Abderrahim DERRAJI, President of the union of pharmacies.

In this issue, a review of the guideline development Morocco Telecommerce really stood. This responsible denigrated and minimized the work of consumer protection associations knowing that they do not have resources to finance their activities and that, notwithstanding this, they accompany and defend thousands of e-consumers annually, as much as can.

When I said that this comment struck me, it was not an empty word. For a few days later, I managed to convince the executive office of the FNEM fund a program in cooperation with the Consumer Federation of Associations to install confidence in our sector between operators and consumers.

Convinced that the satisfaction of the e-consumer is the priority which underpins our strategy, the Executive Office FNEM has set up an action program based on seven main areas:

  1. The establishment of a platform for the management of litigation
  2. The establishment of an information portal for e-consumers
  3. The organization of information seminars for e-consumers
  4. The organization of a day dedicated to e-consumers in commemoration of the World Day of Consumer Rights.
  5. Publication of a guide dedicated to e-consumers
  6. The establishment of a cell for monitoring and processing of complaints against e-tailers.
  7. The creation of a comprehensive directory of e-commerce sector operators through the verification of information on the structures and their contact with the commercial court and concerned via phone calls.

Believe me, this action is far from an isolated case.

FNEM had always been pioneering in the field of the protection of personal data. In 2012 already, the Federation had audited all online retailers on more than 78 checkpoints. She repeated the same audit in January 2013, including 9 extra points there. The goal is to meet the industry requirements of the 09/08 law on the protection of personal data, the law 31/08 and the 54/09 law.

Thus, a battle has been engaged for the sector could gain credibility, must for its recognition by the authorities as a growth area with high growth potential.

In January 2014, The FNEM challenged with the CNDP to fully comply with our industry the requirements of the law 09/08. At that time, 54% of online retailers were not aligned on the provisions of protection of personal data of e-consumers.

In this sense, FNEM animated by a sense of social responsibility and ethics, has always audited industry professionals and made public the results of its audits. On 14 March 2014, the NHRC has participated in the National Day of e-consumers who raise awareness among industry professionals for their responsibilities regarding the protection of personal data of e-consumers online. On the same date, FNEM has launched a platform for e-consumers in Morocco ““. Following the request of the FNEM, the CNDP launched through FNEM extensive consultation, which aimed to collect comments and recommendations on the simplification of administrative procedures treatments notification in online sales. This has led to a debate on the model declaration regarding the type of personal data treatment for the sale online. This simplified procedure has the merit further strengthen the confidence of e-consumers in the online business. A challenge successfully met!

Some may tend to believe that the Executive Board has drawn some benefit from these well-organized and structured measures for the development of the sector. The answer is yes. The leveraged is the current industry weight and credibility currently enjoyed its actors. The Executive Board is composed of members volunteers animated by the general interest and whose selflessness and sacrifice (money and time) are priceless. But blessed is he who takes great moral satisfaction after achieving the intended results.

Président of FNEM