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Introducing FNEM

The National Federation of Digital Economy Moroccan known as FNEM is a federation created in 2008 whose main mission

Unite members, represent and defend the interests of e-merchants, build a force proposal from the government, Ministries, Local Authorities, public managers and private e-commerce, promote and encourage the practice of professional ethics among its members to promote fair competition and transparency in the area of ​​E-Commerce promoting the development expansion of E-Commerce in all regions of Morocco in collaboration with local authorities and Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as investment promotion vectors, employment and create wealth; Promote the establishment of an independent body statistics of certification of the e-commerce sector.

Develop relationships of partnership and negotiate collective agreements with the media, to grant members preferential terms of promotion, undertake such sectoral studies, or prospective market in the area, foster co-operation, exchanges and partnership with similar organisations abroad.