Word from the President


The years 2017–2018 have confirmed the dynamism of distance selling. For the eighth consecutive year the sector reported double-digit growth. The growth has even accelerated in the field of consumer remote sales, which increased by 69% year on year. New record, therefore, with revenues close to 27 billion dirhams.

The Internet wave and development of the offer “multi-channel” are the best spearheading this revolution. And the recent emergence of new followers, as luxury brands shows that the temptation of distance is very present in their minds. This year, remote consumption should exceed 20 billion euros, 200 million transactions, more than 1,850 websites and tens of thousands of jobs.

This revolution should continue in the coming years, driven e-commerce, growing rapidly since 2009, and soon the “m-commerce”. Its development potential is enormous, even after these five “glorious”. Remote revolution therefore has a bright future ahead, provided, however, that innovation, professionalism and quality customer relationship continue to lead all players in this sector.

What attracts consumers on the Internet, it is probably also the novelty and innovation: the emergence of new customer approaches, the arrival of new forms of business such as sales between Internet or private sales sites that meet a great success.

But above all, this evolution confirms a new trend that is based on the complementary channels, distance selling, but also, more broadly, in terms of consumption. A trend that combines the Internet – but also increasingly mobile – Catalogue or to the store. All the studies show, consumers are increasingly likely to mix channels: catalogue, Internet, telephone, store, when shopping.

This change in distance selling to modernity, to the Internet and new technologies, to the multichannel commerce remains at the heart of efforts by the FNEM.

A strong and ambitious professional organisation

Our ambition, more than ever, is to unite, to gather all the industry players around a strong professional organisation, unity and solidarity, carrier communes. An organisation values ​​able to support companies in their development and can represent them, make their voices heard when needed. An organisation that will enable us, together, to build the future of distance selling and e-commerce in the Kingdom of Morocco. www.fnen.org

Hoping to count another year among our members, please accept, dear member(s), the expression of our best regards.

President (2nd term 2018-2022)