E-commerce Academy


E-commerce is developing at full speed in Morocco. This year, the sector will reach 27 billion dirhams, according to National Federation of the Moroccan Digital Economy (FNEM) an increase of 78% Yoy. Payments by credit card, which actually represent 1.9% Of total revenues, exceed, for their part, the threshold of 2 billion dirhams.

However, the sector skills shortage able to support its development. “There is one year, we encountered enormous difficulties in finding experts. Therefore we are forced to resort to foreign profiles,” Reports El Amine Serhani, President FNEM. That’s why the Federation has decided to launch the “eBusiness Academy ‘In partnership with the French specialist on the subject, “The canteen Knowledge”.

The kick has been given in 2017 in Casablanca. The first training centre will open in Casablanca Technopark. A second will follow in Rabat in January. Others will be launched in several cities like Marrakech, Agadir and Tangier. “The goal is to train quickly operational profiles, thanks to personalized support. The course is open to traders, employees of businesses and young graduates “Says Antony Glaziou, director of the academy.

Training pays off, it costs 13,900DH (with a reduction of 2000DH for members FNEM). “But companies can benefit from a partial payment or even total cost per OFPPT “Announces Glaziou. The courses last 70 hours (over 10 days) during which the candidates (between 7 and 12) must manage specific projects.

For more information, please visit the following website: www.ecom-academy.ma.