Made in Morocco


By stimulating export lines in favour of brands and products, quality, fully manufactured in Morocco, FNEM is now positioned as an essential source of growth for the micro, small and medium enterprises and other organisations in search visibility and profitability internationally.

FNEM offers its members access to target markets and billions of consumers around the world through dedicated platforms that allow them to exploit the enormous potential of the Internet and the Web.

Reference partnerships FNEM make it a credible and reliable partner for access to best-Market Places.

FNEM organises permanent sales on specially selected sites for each referenced product and ensures delivery within a very short time to customers around the world through an efficient logistics strategy and optimal storage operator and the various local deposits company manager “Made in Morocco Market Place”.

The idea of ​​creation of the “Made in Morocco” was born of the desire to boost the sales of services and products designed and manufactured or integrated in Morocco, with the highest quality, on a local level first, and then to internationally. It took continue to support the marketing of these products and services under the rules of conventional economics, and simultaneously create new horizons of growth via the Internet and the Web, according to the new standards of the digital economy.

A total of 27 product categories are represented at present, ranging from books, DVDs & music, electronic and computer products, furniture, through the clothes and accessories, and other cosmetics and food.

Today, Made in Morocco has 1 million references with detailed information, competitive prices, secure payment, personalized recommendations, fast delivery service and guaranteed. Our motto is “Money back within 7 days.”