Call for eBusiness professionals “FNEM is union, and the union is strength”


Call for eBusiness professionals

“FNEM is union, and the union is strength

Dear e-stores,

I invite you all to join your Federation FNEM (The National Federation of the Moroccan Digital Economy) to form a united bloc to meet current and future challenges of the e-commerce sector. Today, more than ever, we must be more united, share more, and work in harmony, to face all the problems that hinder the developing of our business, with the objective of developing our digital ecosystem.

It is important from the outset to achieve this goal, to create a climate of trust with shoppers or online consumers, in accordance with the laws 09/08, 31/08… Long and tedious in the past, procedures compliance with legal requirements have been simplified. I invite you to discover without delay.

Consumers should be well protected by us online retailers, but also by the banking system.

The first generation of e-stores was composed in its majority of young computer that had the ease of creating and deploying e-commerce sites. Some enjoyed an international experience, allowing them to stand out from the others.

The first generation of e-merchants lost us the trust of thousands of customers by their contempt for customers and their proven incompetence at all levels. Moreover, e-store 217 of them has declared bankruptcy and more than a hundred have shelved their activities (Source: Audit report of ecommerce website 2018). Weak service delivery and payment platform in Morocco between 2001 and 2017 has contributed significantly to the worsening of this situation.

Today FNEM brings together a new generation of e-stores, producers and distributors qualified in this case, through its various programs that have enabled the sector to gain momentum and offer a catalogue of more than 1 million references to domestic and international consumers.


Dear e-stores,

By pooling our efforts and resources, we are able to reduce our costs and expenses by developing delivery services, and new services such as relay points. And continuing to build consumer confidence, our market will, for sure, an immeasurable extension.

Since its inception, the FNEM (The National Federation of the Moroccan Digital Economy) was mobilised to bring together all the professionals in our sector in order to constitute a force proposal to solve all the problems that hinder the development e-commerce in Morocco.

Over 31% of professionals have joined (list of members on the site of All FNEM). Through its programs pack commerce, the commerce appointment, the salon of commerce, Made in Morocco… FNEM has tripled the number of operators in the sector including hundreds of public companies that conduct sales exceed 10 million dirhams.

The release our stranglehold sector of several associations, federations and private companies that have reproduced labels, trade shows, and programs that have not led to the end of the monopoly of Morocco Télécommerce were certainly a big step before, but they were expensive in the image of FNEM and its president, Amine El Serhani. Despite this, the number of members has continued to increase to 1,059 members at end March 2018, which clearly assigns FNEM the status of the Federation the most representative in Morocco.

Perseverance and courage FNEM have allowed the industry to move from a national switch to three and a single provider of electronic payment four today. Monopolies acquisition-related and domestic 3D secure will be broken in the coming months, as we have confirmed the senior regulator “Bank Al Maghrib”.

Despite these monopolies, our industry has adapted by putting forward the payment to delivery and using the courier companies that account for the majority of deliveries in major cities.

Hoping for a better future for our industry and for our kingdom and counting on your full acceptance, I remain convinced that the secret of our Federation, it is the union. And Unity makes strength.

El Amine Serhani
President FNEM
2nd term (2018–2022)