The protection of personal data: A simplified procedure for e-stores


The protection of personal data: A simplified procedure for e-stores

A new simple procedure to comply with the requirements of the law 09/08 on the protection of personal consumer data


E-merchants can now comply with the requirements of the 09/08 law on “Protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” by filling a simple form with a signed and stamped commitment.


Two models of the terms of sale “Products and Services”, approved by the Legal Committee of the National Federation of the Moroccan Digital Economy (FNEM), with the clause and the kind words regarding the protection of personal data, are available on the Federation’s


Any processing of personal data relating to online sales do not meet the conditions set by this decision, should be subject to an authorisation or declaration to the Commission in the form prescribed by Articles 12 and 15 of law 09-08 and its implementing decree.


Similarly, any transfer of data to a foreign country, especially in the case of hosting or data storage on servers located outside the country, must be subject to an application for leave to commission under Articles 43 and 44 of law 09-08 and its implementing decree.


This new debate has emerged following a consultation launched by the CNDP (National Commission for Protection of Personal Data), at the request of the FNEM in order to gather comments and recommendations on the simplification of administrative procedures notification of processing of personal data in the context of online sales. This initiative was born the current deliberation, simple and fast, unlike the old procedure, considered long and tedious.


Concerned about the sustainability and ethics of distance selling and e-commerce in Morocco, FNEM appeal to all sales professionals online – members and non-members of the Federation – to comply in the most soon as possible, the requirements of the law 09/08 and offers on a request of appointments on, a free coaching by its experts.


In January 2014, the FNEM was challenged to comply industry professionals with the requirements of the law 09/08. An achievable goal with the new procedure that is sure to attract half of existing online restores who are not yet aligned with the provisions of protection of personal data of online shoppers. In order to educate industry professionals on the issue, FNEM held March 14, 2014, the National Day of cyberconsumer.


The same day it launched a platform for online shoppers in Morocco “”.

This is to say that the FNEM remains convinced that the rights of consumers and their privacy is the only way to develop the e-commerce sector in Morocco.


Hereinafter the files that make up the project:
—The letter to FNEM by the CNDP:
-The draft deliberation on sale online:
—The diagnosis of the FNEM commerce sites in Morocco:
—Challenge Presentation FNEM, “sector 100% compliant with the requirements of the 09/08 law”:

—Decision No. 508 – AT-2014 14.11.2014 bearing model standard declaration concerning the personal data processing relating to the sale online: